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Ethiopia Support Solar In Rural Electification Program
Date:Sep 13, 2013 Hits:

Maxnovo Power - Industry News Report - Sept, 2013:The Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy reports that over 13200 residential PV systems have been installed through the country’s rural electrification program over the past 9 months, according to local news source Bikya News, citing the Ethiopian News Agency.  

The program, which will run from December 2012 to November 2013, will ultimately see residential PV systems installed at 25,000 homes in rural populations across the country. The solar Systems will range in size from 8 to 130 W. 

In July 2012, the Ethiopian government signed an agreement with an unnamed Chinese firm to develop the rural electrification project. According to the Ethiopian News Agency, the agreement is worth over 208 million ETB ($10.9 million), with project financing coming from the World Bank. The World Bank has provided Ethiopia with tens of millions of dollars for renewable energy projects; however, most of the funding has been earmarked for geothermal projects. 




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